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Winter ’17 Release Highlights

Winter17Logo Sigh. I really want to refuse to acknowledge the Winter 17 release, mainly because I don’t want the summer to end. I don’t want to think about it getting colder and (gasp!) the thought of snow. While I like the first snowfall and its prettiest, Winter is NOT one of my favorite times of the year. It’s the time of the year, I wish we can go into hibernation. But, that is just me. Now onto the task at hand…

Are you all revved up to read the 425 pages of Winter 17 release notes? Com’on, sure you are…Honestly, who are we kidding?

Access the HTML Release Notes

Access the PDF Release Notes

So, I took the hit for the team and in the following posts, I am highlighting some of the need to know or cool Winter 17 features. Note: These highlights are from the Winter 17 Release Notes published on 8/19/16 and are subject to change prior to the production release of Winter 17.

I divided the posts into five posts:

Read up and enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Winter ’17 Release Highlights

  1. Thanks Jen for having a applies to sf classic only – because I just scrolled through all 400 pages plus and don’t recall seeing a single thing. sf should consider doing this themselves.


  2. When Winter 17 will be released? It depends on what server your Production org is on. Some converted this past weekend. I believe the others are slated for this weekend.


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