Salesforce Release

Winter ’17 Mobile Enhancements


The list of winter ’17 features below only apply to the Mobile experience.

There are additional Winter ’17 features available for Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Winter ’17 Release Highlights post.

1.Lightning and Salesforce Mobile FINALLY get field text help like we know and love in Classic.


2. After a user creates, edits or clones a record successfully from a related list, the confirmation message shown includes the record name.


3. Automatic Account Upgrades: News, US-based account company logos and account autofill are automatically enabled in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 except if your org meet one of the following criteria.

  • Based outside the United States
  • Part of a regulated industry, including government, healthcare, financial industries, or nonprofit
  • Opted-out by contacting Salesforce

4. Enhancements to the Contacts to Multiple Accounts functionality:

  • Indirectly relate person accounts to business accounts by adding the Related Accounts related list to the person account page layout.
  • Triggers and validation rules are now supported for the Account Contact Relationship object.
  • For those using Community Builder templates, Account-contact relationships can now be viewed, created, and edited.

5. News based on the contact’s related account, its leaders and industry appear on Contacts and Leads.

6. Add products with revenue or quantity schedules to opportunity line items.

7. Users can change the owner of a case using quick actions in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1. Previously, users had to navigate to the Case Detail page to change the field.

8. Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 mobile users can see case contact information (phone, email, fax and mobile) on case pages if the contact fields are included on the case page layout.

9. Chatter Enhancements:

  • (BETA) Create different record types for Chatter groups. Available in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1.
  • Play videos inline in feeds in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1

10. Users in Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience can now get in-app notifications when a work order or work order line item they own or follow is updated.

11. Salesforce Authenticator enhancements:

  • Get notifications about automated activities in Salesforce Authenticator, such as location-based authentication.
  • Using the new Backup and Restore feature in the Salesforce Authenticator, you can back up your connected accounts in the app and restore them when you install the app on your new phone.
  • Copy code is made easy with a tap and easy to see confirm message that the code has been copied. The timer next to each authentication code is now bolder and will change from green to red as the time runs out.

12. Salesforce1 Enhancements in Winter 17

Note: Winter ’17 Features That Are Different or Unavailable in Salesforce1

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