Catter is Back, New Ready for Dreamforce Trail & MOAR…


On Wednesday, August 10th, the Trailhead team released a new Ready for Dreamforce trail in preparation of #DF16, 11 modules (including the once retired Catter module) and 1 project. Hurray. #MOARBadgers!


Catter.JPGFor those Trailblazers who missed out on the initial offering of the Catter module when it was released during a past April Fool’s Day, the Trailhead team has released a slightly upgraded version of the Catter module in celebration of International Cat Day. Hurry up and get that Catter badge before it is retired again. This module is just purr-fect!

There are two new security related modules:

 SecurityBasics.JPGSecurity Basics module:  In today’s environment, security is everyone’s business. This module is a MUST DO for every system administrator or developer to understand the rising security issues we should be aware of, how to educate our users to safeguard the information, understand the out of the box and add-on security features offered by Salesforce and how to use the org’s Health Check feature to scan your security settings and to make changes to protect against high and medium risk items.

IdentityforCustomers.JPG Identity for Customers module: If your Salesforce org services external customers, then this module is for you…This module steps through how to set up a custom domain, a new community, establish self registration or social login for your external users. I found this module to be super cool in learning how to configure this experience for your end customers.

For those who use the Service Cloud, Trailhead now has three new service cloud focused modules for the taking.

KnowledgeBasics.JPGKnowledge Basics module: Knowledge is an online tool that your customer service reps/agents can use to quickly search a knowledge base of articles within Salesforce. This module explains what Knowledge is, how to plan out your Knowledge content strategy including those who will manage the content, and how to enable Knowledge for use in your company.

KnowledgeSearchBasics.JPGKnowledge Search Basics module: This module explains how Salesforce performs searches within Knowledge, how to configure Knowledge to provide the best search options (skippets and auto-complete for title and keyword searches), set up search customizations (using synonyms, promoted search terms and customize articles based on case fields).

CallCenterIntegration.JPGCall Center Integration module: Your customer service reps/agents can take calls from your customers within Salesforce and service console using open CTI. This module explains the difference between a call center, open CTI and soft phone, steps through how to configure the CTI and add users to the call center.

Trailhead continues to provide training modules on soft skills with the introduction of two new modules:

VirtualCollaboration.JPGVirtual Collaboration module: With over 50% of employees working remotely by 2020, this module is important for managers overseeing employees or teams who work remotely to understand the importance of virtual collaboration, develop your virtual collaboration strategy, how to better manage virtual resources (it’s not the same as how to engage your resources you see in person) and ensure they do not feel left out/isolated. Chatter is a good collaboration tool for virtual teams.

RetentionandEngagement.JPGRetention and Engagement module: I was surprised at the stats in this module. Had no idea that roughly 63% of employees are disengaged. This makes it extremely important that a manager is engaged with their employees, where you try and create a great work environment, have open dialogue with your employees to hopefully, turn them into engaged employees and retain them. This module walks a manager through ensuring s/he is engaged in their own jobs and how to keep the team engaged and how to retain employees.


If you’re going to Dreamforce, this new trail is for you!

The new  Get Ready for Dreamforce Trail lets you know all things Dreamforce from establishing your strategy to make the most out of your Dreamforce experience, what to expect at this year’s Dreamforce and how to present at DF.


Dreamforce16Ready.JPGDreamforce ’16 Ready module: Attend Dreamforce to learn without any boundaries from 2,000 sessions, make connections and network with others, give back and find your inspiration. Before you go to DF, map out your strategy – start bookmarking sessions and register for sessions once Agenda Builder is available (tent. end of August). Lastly, do not overdo it.

DreamforceAndBeyond.JPGDreamforce & Beyond module: Learn about this year’s DF campus changes, make the most of Dreamforce out of Keynotes, breakout sessions, cloud expo and giving back events at the Dreampark. Make sure you remain nourished/hydrated throughout the day but take some rest time too. Don’t overbook yourself in back to back sessions. After Dreamforce, you can share your experience and what you’ve learned with your company, watch session recordings for things you’ve missed and continue learning.

PublicSpeakingSkillsPublic Speaking Skills module:  For newbie Dreamforce speakers for me, this module speaks to me (see what I did there?). The module steps a presenter through how to identify the appropriate event and topic, with a good session idea and abstract. Next steps include drafting a session outline with a compelling story, what things to consider when drafting your deck and demo. Lastly, this module discusses how to promote your session to get the people there and engage that audience. Don’t forget, practice makes perfect!

AutomationProject.JPGTrailhead also released a new project: Build an Automated Workshop Management System. As opposed to the Trailhead modules, projects give you hands-on practice with Salesforce technologies via step-by-step instructions. In this project, you get to flex your skills with using process builder, process builder with visual workflow and process builder with invocable apex. This one is near and dear to my heart personally. So honored to have my blog listed as a process automation resource!


I’m excited to see the new content that the Trailhead team is releasing. The content is easily digestible, simple explanation, and I like the balance between quizzes and challenges.

This now brings the Trailhead trails to 30 trails, 108 modules, 19 projects and 4 superbadges! Whew, that’s a lot of work produced by the Trailhead team since its launch and we’re grateful for this awesome online, free training tool to learn about the Salesforce platform.

So, now that you’ve read about the new modules and project, whatcha waiting for? Go out and get ’em badges. #MOARBadgers for everyone!