It’s been an #AwesomeWeek

This has truly been an awesome week. And it’s clear #SaaL (aka Salesforce as a Lifestyle). I wanted to share this with you…

Yesterday, I learned that I was selected by lottery (I’ve never won one in my life but the week I’m having, I might just buy one…) into the summer session of RAD Women’s Admin to Apex Developer session. I think it was 1 of 40 seats.

I am continually learning what I can about Salesforce, whether it is via #Trailhead, new certifications, etc. so I’m excited about learning the developer side. Don’t get worried. I still LOVE declarative, OOTB Salesforce. Nothing will change that, but I think you can only make yourself more valuable by understanding code, its capabilities and best coding practices so you can bring even more to the table. I also want to learn apex the right way and get that Apex superbadge! #ProclaimedTrailheadAddict

Today, after I saw Twitter a flutter with “I’m an official presenter at Dreamforce,” I immediately went to my Gmail account and to my surprise and utter delight, I learned that one of my 5 submitted session ideas for the Admin Track at Dreamforce 16 was selected! Then I went to Hangouts and learned one of my group sessions also got the nod! Another is on the waitlist and 2 are MIA. I’m truly thrilled (and a bit scared) at being a first time presenter, but I have no doubt that Salesforce will do a great job at helping me through this.

I got the opportunity to speak to Mike Gerholdt at the Boston User Group back in April about DF session submissions so I knew going in that competition for selection was going to be fierce. Later that night, as fate would have it, i bumped into Mary Scotton in the walkway back to her hotel and had the opportunity to pick her brain with my two solo session ideas. Then I got to cracking and really putting a lot of thought into my session title, abstract and overview if my two solo sessions and submitted them for review.

Thank you, Mary, for letting me pick your brain, for reviewing and providing feedback my session ideas. I also want to thank Toni and Lizz as well for the one that’s been chosen.

Back to my comment about the stiff competition…It was much fiercer this year than last year, by over 200%. Yes, you heard me right, OVER 200%! There were over 900 submissions for the Admin track this year. Insane!

So, I’m truly grateful to get the nods on at least two sessions. I heard I’m among a list of very few who fall into this category.

What can possibly top this week?!

Here I come apex and Dreamforce 16!

#TrulyBlessed #LivingTheDream #AwesomeWeek #SaaL




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