Salesforce Release

Summer ’16 Salesforce Classic Only Enhancements

The list of Summer 16 features below only apply to the Salesforce Classic.

There are additional Summer 16 features available to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Summer 16 Release Highlights post.

1.Supported Browsers: Use IE versions 9-11, Safari version 8.x and Microsoft Edge, the most recent stable versions of Firefox and Chrome to access Salesforce Classic.

2. Picklist Administration: You can phase out a global picklist item without impacting existing records that have that specific picklist value. When you determine that the value is no longer needed, you can delete it.


3. Meet Field Service Lightning (GA). Available in Salesforce Classic and Salesforce1

  • A dynamic scheduling console gives a view into all scheduled service appointments
  • Smart scheduling capabilities based on technician’s skill level, travel time, location, and other factors
  • OOTB triggers for easy customization of scheduling and display options
  • Includes custom objects, work rules, and scheduling policies to define the ideal scheduling model

4. Omni-Channel Enhancements.

  • Track how long agents have an Omni-Channel work item open and in focus in their console (handle and active time).
  • Increased limit to 5k max. queued work items per hour and 10k max. pending routing requests.
  • Let Agents provide a reason when declining work. Administrators can configure the decline reasons.
  • Notification sounds help some agents out while others rather have visual cues. You can now configure whether to turn on/off notification sounds.

5. See Where Chats Come from in the Chat Transcript. While the network information was available in the Agent console, the network information is now available in your Live Agent Transcript reports.

6. Service Cloud Enhancements:

  • Set up Service Cloud Features in a Flash with Launch Pad Templates. Select from templates with the most popular Service Cloud features to set up the console, reports and dashboards quickly.


  • Responsive lists are now available on list views. You can view record details upon hover. Enable it by the console via Create | Apps, select “Enable Responsive Lists.”


  • You can embed Lightning components in sidebars with Visualforce pages.
  • Desktop CTI goes buh-bye with Spring 17.

7. Toggle Between “Viewer” and “Set by Record” File Access. You can now set the user permission to Files to “Set by Record” in addition to “Viewer.” When access is set toSet by Record, it will take on the permissions the user has to the record. So, if the user only has read only access to the record also have read only “view” access to the file. If the user has edit rights to the record, they can also edit the file.





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