Salesforce Release

Summer ’16 Mobile Enhancements

The list of Summer 16 features below only apply to the Mobile experience.

There are additional Summer 16 features available for Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Summer 16 Release Highlights post.

  1. View Account Insights on the Opportunities page. To use this feature, you need to “Enable Account Insights” on the Account Settings page in Setup.
  2. Get the latest account news using the News app. To see the News App feature, you need to “Enable Account Insights” on the Account Settings page in Setup.
  3. Spell Correction Expanded to More Objects. Search shows corrected spelling of the search term. This has expands to Business Account, Asset, Attachment, Campaign, Case, Lead, Note, Opportunity, User, and Task objects for English only. Feature is available in Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience and Saleforce1.
  4. Users can customize their related lists sorting preferences and have it consistently stick in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic and Salesforce1, regardless of whether it was customized in Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic.
  5. Person Account Search Enhancements – only return person account search results. This feature is available in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and Salesforce1.
  6. Search for People Based on Address and Title. This feature is available in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and Salesforce1.
  7. More Helpful Presentation of Internal Error Messages. On certain situations, Salesforce has updated the appearance and content of error messages so non-technical users can better understand the error and optionally, send Salesforce information about what they were doing before the error occurred, right from the message. This feature is available in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1.
  8. Assets Enhancements:
    • New related lists: Asset’s Maintenance History and Child Assets
    • Deleting an asset will delete its child assets
  9. Field Service Enhancements
    • Attach Knowledge articles to work orders and work order line items. Once an article is attached, that version of the doc remains with the work order or line item even if the article has been updated. There are some limitations in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1.
    • Add milestones to work orders. This means you can link entitlements to your work orders. Milestones allow you to enforce the terms of your customer support agreements.
    • View and build out hierarchies of work orders and work order line items with ease. A read-only field Root Work Order lists the top-level work order in a hierarchy of work orders. Similarly, the Root Work Order Line Item field lists the top-level line item in a work order line item hierarchy.
  10. Meet Field Service Lightning (GA). Available in Salesforce Classic and Salesforce1
    • A dynamic scheduling console gives a view into all scheduled service appointments
    • Smart scheduling capabilities based on technician’s skill level, travel time, location, and other factors
    • OOTB triggers for easy customization of scheduling and display options
    • Includes custom objects, work rules, and scheduling policies to define the ideal scheduling model
  11. SOS SDK gets a makeover and cleaner interface for 2-way video interaction. The new halo UI shows the agent video feed with action buttons. The 2-way video interaction allows the customer to use the front facing camera to have a face-to-face discussion with the agent while the customer can use the back facing camera to show the agent the issue.