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Summer ’16 Lightning Experience Only Enhancements

The list of Summer 16 features below only apply to the Lightning Experience.

There are additional Summer 16 features available to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Summer 16 Release Highlights post.

Salesforce has packed a lot of new functionality only available in Lightning Experience and not for those who are still using Salesforce Classic. #JealousSalesforceClassicUser

1.Supported Browsers. Use Lightning Experience with Safari versions 8.x and 9.x, most recent stable versions of Firefox and Chrome. With Summer 16, if you have IE 9-11, you will not be able to use Lightning Experience, but will be redirected to Salesforce Classic instead. To learn more, read the article on the Retirement of Support for Accessing Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Using Internet Explorer 11.

2. Send Salesforce Email Through Gmail or Office 365 Accounts. You can allow your org to send through either Gmail or Office 365; you can’t select both. This can be enabled via the “Send through External Email Services” screen. You can only enable it for either Gmail or Office 365, not both. Once enabled, users associated with the standard user profile or on a profile or permission set with the “Send Email through External Email Services” user permission. You will allow Salesforce to send email using OAUTH. It’s important to note that is you send email using Gmail or Office 365, TLS is handled via the external email service and not via Salesforce settings. However, send emails configured via workflows and triggers will still be sent via Salesforce and not via Gmail or Office 365.


Since the emails are coming through Gmail or Office 365, you’ll see the emails in your email Sent Items folder and deliverability is improved.


3. Emails sent via Lightning are automatically created in the new Email object and not as a Task. The email details look more along the lines of traditional email applications.


4. Opportunity owner can enable opportunity teams or set up team roles without having to switch back to Salesforce Classic.


5. View Account Insights on the Opportunities page. To use this feature, you need to “Enable Account Insights” on the Account Settings page in Setup.


6. Set up account teams without having to switch back to Salesforce Classic. To use this feature, you need to “Account Teams Enabled” on the Account Team Setup page in Setup.


7. Create New Accounts Lightning Fast with Account Autofill. When you start typing the account name, the system will suggest US company names for you to select to prepopulate the account information. To activate this feature, you need to “Enable Account Autofill” on the Account Settings page in Setup.


8. Visualize Your Business Like Never Before with Account Logos (Beta). Logos show up automatically, when available, on US-based accounts. To activate this feature, you need to “Enable Account Logos” on the Account Settings page in Setup.


9. Get the latest account news using the News app. To see the News App feature, you need to “Enable Account Insights” on the Account Settings page in Setup.


10. Opportunity Products: Find Products with Ease. When a sales rep adds a product to an opportunity, it will display up to 5 products associated to the same pricebook that the sales rep recently added to other opportunities. The sales rep can choose to use a different product by just typing it in the product lookup.


11. Create a calendar from anything in Salesforce. By selecting Add Calendar, a user can create a calendar from a standard or custom object. Calendar items belonging to the same object are denoted by a specific color.


12. On the Task object, make inline edits.

13. Manage your tasks/events directly from the Activity Timeline.


14. List Views: Target Relevant Data with List View Enhancements for Lightning Experience. Reps can create filters as quickly as they can think of them. Reps can see the available filters without editing a list view, and edit filters on the fly, just like in Classic.The List Views list will now display up to 2,000 views instead of 250 with a search functionality. If a user does not have access to update a public list view or a list view doesn’t support filtering, the list view will show that is has “Locked Filters.”


15. Home: Customize Home for Different User Profiles. You now have the ability to create and edit home pages using Lightning App Builder.  Once created, you can set a default home page for all users except those profiles that are assigned to custom home pages.

16. More shown on Related Lists and Highlights Panels. Preview all related lists as opposed to first 8 related lists in Spring 16. Highlights panel shows up to first 7 fields from the compact layout as opposed to the first 5 fields.

17. New chart types available: funnel, scatter, combo, and cumulative line charts

18. You can now export reports in Lighting Experience, just like in Salesforce Classic.

19. Chatter enhancements. View more is a things of the past, now you can scroll to your heart’s content. See how liked your posts. View rich previews when when the URLs are shortened with 3rd party shorteners.

20. Create and edit Lightning Experience record pages using Lightning App Builder. This is supported on the following objects: Account, Asset, Campaign, Campaign Member, Case, Contact, Content Document, Custom External Object, Custom Object, Custom Person Object, Event, Group, Lead, Note, Opportunity, Price Book, Price Book Entry, Process Instance Step, Process Instance Work Item, Product, Task, User and Work Order.

21. Give Your Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Users the Power of Flows (Pilot). In this pilot, you will be able to add visual workflow to any Lightning page–App pages, Record pages, and Home pages.

22. Control Which Users Immediately Switch When Lightning Experience Is Enabled. With the “Switch Users to Lightning Experience” option in the Lighting Experience Migration Assistant, all standard profile users and any user with “Lightning Experience User” permission will be switched over to Lightning Experience while everyone else can keep working in Salesforce Classic.

23. Visualforce for Lightning Experience is Generally Available. This does not mean that every feature of Visualforce is available in Lightning Experience. For a summary of Visualforce for Lightning Experience differences, see What’s Not Available in Summer ‘16 Lightning Experience Features elsewhere in the release notes.

24. Change a Record’s Owner More Easily in Lightning Experience. You can change the owner action from a record’s highlights panel, the actions bar, and as an icon in the Owner field on all records where the user has permission to change the owner.

25. More Helpful Presentation of Internal Error Messages. On certain situations, Salesforce has updated the appearance and content of error messages so non-technical users can better understand the error and optionally, send Salesforce information about what they were doing before the error occurred, right from the message. This feature is available in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1.

26. Search Scope Bar Order Matches the Navigation Menu in Lightning Experience


27. Simplify Salesforce Navigation with the User Switcher. With the user switcher, users can easily navigate Salesforce when you have multiple usernames on the same or different Salesforce orgs.


6 thoughts on “Summer ’16 Lightning Experience Only Enhancements

  1. Lightning Experience needs to be activated by a system admin by profile in the org. Are you accessing Salesforce on the iPad via Safari or Salesforce1?


  2. Hi Jen. Thanks for your reply, I was able to sort out the issue, actually at the profile level that user had ‘Salesforce 1 user’ permission due to that the default login on his ipad was SF lightning. Many thanks again.


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