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Other Summer ’16 Enhancements

Here are other Summer 16 Enhancements that do not fall into the Lightning, Classic or Mobile enhancements category. So, here they are..

For additional Summer 16 features, visit the Summer 16 Release Highlights post.

  1. Live Agent: See where the customer chats came from in Chat Transcript using the network field
  2. Community Enhancements
    • Enhance Security with LockerService for Communities (Critical Update). LockerService for Communities will automatically activate in the Winter ’17 release (October ’16). You should test this in a sandbox prior to the production activation.
    • End of support for Winter 16 or Prior Koa, Kokua or Napili Community templates. Upgrade to Summer 16. Note: There are some housekeeping tasks for you.
    • Chatter and Files in Community Templates
      • Ability to add inline images in publisher for Napili-based communities
      • Add up to 10 files to a post
      • Ability to add and remove files while editing a post
    • Community Template Enhancements
      • Open external menu links in the same tab
      • Ability to group components in a set of customizable tabs
      • Global search is now available
    • Community Builder Enhancements
      • Control Who Sees What with Profile-Based Page Visibility. Note: This only applies to Winter 16 or later Koa, Kokua and Napili templates, Spring 16 Aloha template will automatically get this feature after the Summer 16 upgrade.
      • Manage Pages More Easily with the Streamlined Page Manager
    • Community Management Enhancements: Salesforce provides tools to community managers to handle spammers and malicious members with pre-moderation, create rate rules to alter moderators of suspicious spammer-like behavior or the ability to freeze a member, moderate private messages (when members flag inappropriate content), and use member criteria in content rules and rate rules.
    • Other Community Enhancements
      • Salesforce Communities now supports end-user languages for communities
      • Allow internal users to log in using the Community Login page
      • Delegate admin tasks to a Napili community member
      • Add multiple members to a group
      • Broadcast groups are now available in community templates
  3. Social Customer Service Enhancements.
    • Users can provide social customer service by responding to cases and leads created from Facebook and Twitter (and eventually, other social networks). This feature can be enabled without downloading the Radian6 AppExchange app or contacting Salesforce.
    • Pull in the parent post to give you context when your company is @mentioned in the thread. Previously, if your company was @mentioned, the first post imported into Social Customer Service was the one where you were @mentioned, not the entire thread.
  4. Health Cloud: Summer 16 enhancements include the ability to secure information with Salesforce Shield, support of 6 languages, usability improvements to creating patient lists, and updated limits for Industries REST API from 2,000 records to max of 200 records in one request.
  5. Financial Services Cloud Enhancements: Several enhancements have been made to the Financial Services Cloud such as the ability to convert leads to clients, create opportunity (wallet share) to track an opportunity to consolidate client assets in-house, track more on the home page, easier tracking of clients’ relationships, improved ownership options for financial accounts, support of multiple currencies and locales, localization in 5 languages,  ability to secure information with Salesforce Shield, remove dependency of Chatter with installation of Financial Services Cloud, and updated limits for Industries REST API from 2,000 records to max of 200 records in one request
  6. Wave Analytics for Event Monitoring with Admin Analytics. The Admin Analytics app gives you insight into your org’s event monitoring data with built-in Wave integration.
  7. Raise the Service Bar with Twitter Customer Care.
    • If your Twitter account accepts DMs from anyone, your reps can invite users into direct message conversations, whether or not that Twitter user is following your account.
    • Send Survey Cards in Twitter Direct Messages after the service is completed.