Happy Tuesday – Blaze ‘Em Trails…

A nice Tuesday treat to you Trailblazers out there…Salesforce has release more Trailhead content. If you are a Trailhead addict like I am, I can’t help but jump on the trails right away. MUST HAVE MOAR BADGERS NOW

Introducing three new trails

  • In the “Integrate Microsoft Email and Salesforce” Trail, learn about the benefits of integrating Microsoft Email with Salesforce and the various options to consider.
  • In the “Manage the Salesforce Way” Trail, learn Salesforce’s six characteristics of great management and start your manager journey in the Great Management module, learn what type of manager you are, and get practical tools and guidance on coaching your team with the Coaching & Feedback module. Really cool for managers.
  • In this limited edition “Prepare for Salesforce Releases” Trail, learn about the features in Spring ’16 available now.

Updates to two existing trails…

  • A new ISV App Strategy module has been added to the “Build Apps as an ISV Partner” Trail. This explains the differences between a ISVforce app and an OEM Embedded app, what to considering before you design and build your ISV app and the tools to build your app.
  • The newest edition to the “Developer Intermediate” Trail, the Asynchronous Apex module teaches you to write more efficient Apex code with asynchronous processing.

There are a total of 7 spanking brand new shiny badges, including the limited edition Spring ’16 Release badge. Like the Ready for Dreamforce 16 and Chatter badges, this one won’t be around forever, so get yours today.

With these 7 new modules, it brings the total available badge count (including the special edition ones) to 86 badges! Way to go Trailhead team! Thank you for bringing us such awesome content for us to learn Salesforce.

Have you seen the Unofficial Trailhead leaderboard yet created and managed by Adam Olshansky? Thank you for putting this together. Definitely keeps the gaming aspect up. (BTW, love seeing my name at the top, if only temporarily until the others catch up. LOL.)

Don’t forget to update your badges on LinkedIn as you progress.

If you haven’t already, sync up your badges on your Success Community profile. Learn how to configure this.


Go visit Trailhead now. Whatcha waiting for?

Happy Trails everyone!!!


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