2 thoughts on “Auto Assign Public Groups to Users Based on Profile

  1. Jen, I’m wondering if a shortened version of this flow could auto assign a custom profile to a customer/community user, based on account status.

    For example, a “Gold” level account would have 24 hour support. The primary contact of that account would be a customer/community user with a custom profile called “Customer Community Gold User.”

    The desired outcome would be a flow that would auto assign all customer/community users the “Customer Community Gold User” profile if their associated account had 24 hour support. 24 hour support is already a checkbox on the Account.

    Just thinking out loud here. Main question is could I do this without creating a public group.?


  2. You can create a process that will then launch a flow to update the user’s profile Id to the custom community profile. I dont believe you can update the user record within a process. You dont need public groups. That was just a use case to assign users of a given profile automatically to public groups.


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