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Spring ’16 Salesforce Classic Only Enhancements

The list of Spring 16 features below only apply to the Salesforce Classic.

There are additional Spring 16 features available to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Spring 16 Release Highlights post.

1. End of Support JavaScript, CSS, iframes, and other unsupported markup in Message & Alert Home page components

2. Console for Service: Limit Number of Tabs Agents Can Have Opened

Ideally, once an agent resolves a case, s/he should close the relevant console tabs. However, often times, agents leave those tabs opened, which can cause performance issues. As an administrator, you can now limit the number of tabs that an agent can have open to ensure optimum performance of a console. While you can set up to 30 primary tabs and 15 subtabs, for best performance, Salesforce recommends a maximum of 20 primary tabs and 10 subtabs. Note: The tab limits don’t apply to agents using Live Agent or Omni-Channel.

Under Setup | Create | Apps, click the Edit link next to your console app. Check “Enable Tab Limits” and specify the maximum number of primary and sub-tabs.


3. Console for Service: Use Tab Hovers to Eliminate Tab to Tab Jumping

Use tab hovers, to get to data your agents need by just by mousing over them. Specify which fields by editing the object’s mini page layout.

As an Administrator, you can enable this feature via Setup | Create | Apps, click the Edit link next to your console app. Check “Enable Tab Hovers”.


4. Console for Service: Prevent Your Agents from Closing Tabs Until Work Is Completed

Using the API thedisableTabClose method, you to prevent your agents from closing tabs until they’ve completed the work on a case. Until business rules, such as required fields, are met, the close-tab (“X”) icon changes to a lock icon on hover.

5. Live Agent: Transfer Chats Easily to Another Agent

Agents are now able to transfer chats using the Transfer to Agent, Skill, and Button. These transfer types can be enabled independently. When a chat is transferred to another agent, the original agent can include a private message provide background information about the chat so the new agent can hit the ground running.

6. Omni Channel: Route an Item to Another Agent if Agent Doesn’t Get to the Customer in Set Time

There is a new time-out feature that will routes an item to another agent if the assigned agent has not responded within a specified time. If the assigned agent responds before the time-out, the agent continues to work the item. You can also configure this so that if the agent don’t respond, that agent won’t receive any more requests until s/he is available again.

7. Console for Service: Create Macros on All Objects with Feed-Based Page Layouts

No additional setup is needed. Just create your macros. Previously, macros were only supported on account, contact, lead, and case objects.

8. Chatter: Edit the Original Chatter Post Containing Files/Links

Now, you can edit the original Chatter post. Previously, you would need to use the comments function to make changes to Chatter posts that contained files or links.

9. All Sorts of Community Goodies

Spring ’16 is packed with Community Enhancements, making templates more customizable. You can show more data with custom object pages, create records using global actions, and manage community pages more easily.  

10. Get Geocodes to Clean Account, Contact and Lead Addresses (GA)

As an Administrator, you can set up new geocode clean rules for your org. Geocodes will be added to standard addresses (billing and shipping addresses on accounts, mailing address on contacts and address on leads).



6 thoughts on “Spring ’16 Salesforce Classic Only Enhancements

  1. Can somebody let us know all the changes (consolidated list) and entities impacted in classic salesforce version due to Salesforce spring16 release .?????


  2. Hi this might be a dumb question, when you say console for service? does it mean the enhancement is done only in the classic console? Or we will see this enhancement in SFDC? referring to enhancement above #2 and #3.


  3. Not a stupid question. Console for service is a slightly different looking UI, used by service agents, to service their customers. It requires a separate feature license. These two enhancements would only apply to the organizations that use the service console, which is part of Salesforce Classic.


  4. Unfortunately, Salesforce has not published the spring release notes that way nor provides the ability to do that type of filtering. You can take my classic only list combined with my lightning and classic list to get that type of list.


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