Salesforce Release

Spring ’16 Mobile Enhancements

The list of Spring 16 features below only apply to the Mobile experience.

There are additional Spring 16 features available for Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Spring 16 Release Highlights post.

1. Custom Buttons and Links with URL Content Source Now Supported

2. Quick Action: Create a Feed Item or Display Success Message On Execution

With each quick action, you can choose to create an accompanying feed item or show a success message. By default, the create feed item is unchecked and success message is blank.


3. Search Spell Check Correction

If a user provides a search term that does not return results, they can see results that match the corrected spelling of the term. This spell correction works for Salesforce Knowledge articles, feeds, groups, files, and Chatter questions.

4. Use Synonym Groups for Searches

You can use synonym groups to have words or phrases treated equally in searches. When a user searches for a term in a synonym group, the search results returns results for all terms in the group. This is Salesforce Knowledge articles, cases, feeds, files, and Chatter Questions.

5. (Tablet Users Only) Get Recent, More Relevant Account Insights

For Salesforce1 tablet users, Salesforce1 now displays more than one news item in the Account Insights. Note: The exact number of items displayed is determined by the screen size of the device.

6. Provide Feedback to Improve Account Insight Results

In the Account Insights section, users can scroll left to right to read the account insights. Users can also provide feedback on individual insights to improve the relevancy of such insights.

More Like This

The insight is marked as relevant. Salesforce will include others like it in the future.

Fewer Like This

The insight is marked as irrelevant. Salesforce will avoid others like it in the future.

Report This Insight

If marked as inappropriate, this is removed from the user’s view. When another user in the same org reports this insight, then Salesforce will remove the insight for all users in the org. When a user from a different org also reports this insight, Salesforce will remove it from all orgs completely.


7. View Images and Version in Notes

Users can view images in Notes in the SF1 mobile app, but they can’t add an image to a note. Additionally, users can view the selected version of the note, but they can’t change to a different version.

8. Assets is now Supported

With assets now available in the Salesforce1 mobile app, users can now quickly check a customers’ assets (purchased products) on the go. 

9. Work Orders are now Supported

Now that work orders are supported in the Salesforce1 mobile app, users can track work orders such as track repairs, standard maintenance, and other types of service while on the go.

10. (Phones Only) Experience the Cool, Interactive Charts from LEX in Salesforce1

You can now experience the same cool, interactive Lightning Experience charts in all versions of Salesforce1. Note: Enhanced charts in Salesforce1 are disabled by default. Go to Setup, locate Reports, select Reports and Dashboards Settings. Check the Enable Enhanced Charts in Salesforce1.


11. Security Improvements Introduced with Salesforce Authenticator Mobile App V2.0

Salesforce Authenticator Mobile App, Version 2.0, for Two-Factor Authentication: Not only does the new version of the app provide strong protection, it’s also super easy to use. Salesforce Authenticator works for Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and the Salesforce mobile app.

  • NEW: When someone tries to login or access restricted online data, the Salesforce Authenticator sends a notification to the user’s mobile device. The user then either Approve or Deny that the activity belongs to the user. Is the activity is blocked (i.e. denied). the denied activity can be investigated by an Administrator in the new Verification History table.
  • NEW: When your users enable location services for Salesforce Authenticator, this provides even more powerful features. A user can have the Authenticator automatically verify their activities from a trusted location (user’s office or home) without the user needing to their phone out of their pocket.

13. Adapt Visualforce and Apps to User’s Experience Context

Use the User.UITheme and User.UIThemeDisplayed global variables and the UserInfo.getUiTheme() andUserInfo.getUiThemeDisplayed() Apex utility methods to write Visualforce pages and apps that adapt to the user experience context in which they’re running.

14. @Mention: Surface People/Groups User Interacts w/ Most

When a user mentions a person or group in a Chatter post or comment, Salesforce will display the people and groups the user interacts with most, rather than showing people/groups in alphabetical order.

15. Create Broadcast Groups from a Mobile Device

Broadcast groups are a special type of public, private, or unlisted group where only group owners and managers have the ability to create posts. Group members can respond to posts. A broadcast group is perfect for those use cases where one person or a set of individuals regularly share information with a large group of people.

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