Salesforce Release

Spring ’16 Lightning Experience Only Enhancements

The list of Spring 16 features below only apply to the Lightning Experience.

There are additional Spring 16 features available to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Visit the Spring 16 Release Highlights post.

1. Custom buttons and links where the content type is URL are now supported in Lightning Experience. Hooray!

2. Inline Editing is Now Allowed

3. Ability to Customize List Views

Users can sort and filter their list views, specify sharing settings in Lightning.




4. Resize Column Widths in List Views

There is the ability to resize list views on all object home pages and have the new width setting retained in subsequent revisits to the list view. Note: You can’t retain width resizing on a Recently Viewed list view.


5. More Relevant Account Insights, Ability to See Upcoming Events & Today’s Tasks

There have been improvements made to the home page:

A. In the Account Insights section, users can scroll left to right to read the account insights. Users can also provide feedback on individual insights to improve the relevancy of such insights.

More Like This

The insight is marked as relevant. Salesforce will include others like it in the future.

Fewer Like This

The insight is marked as irrelevant. Salesforce will avoid others like it in the future.

Report This Insight

If marked as inappropriate, this is removed from the user’s view. When another user in the same org reports this insight, then Salesforce will remove the insight for all users in the org. When a user from a different org also reports this insight, Salesforce will remove it from all orgs completely.


B. Upcoming Events show the 5 upcoming events on the user’s calendar. As events pass, they will drop off of the list.

C. Today’s Tasks shows the next five tasks due today. Note: The Assistant no longer shows tasks due today or overdue tasks.


6. Access Global Actions from Any Lightning Page, Never Leave Current Page

Users are ever so productive with the global actions and new composer window. No need to manage multiple browser windows. This composer window opens up on the page the user has currently open. Allows the user to log a call, create a new event, task or note without ever needing to navigate away from the current page.



7. Create Emails Using Merge Fields/Template Without Leaving Current Page

Users can create an email in a pop-out window without leaving their current screen. The user can select merge fields to use or select a template.


8. Get a Copy of the Email You Send From Salesforce

Now Lightning Users can go to their Avatar, Settings | Email | My Email Settings, select “Yes” for  Automatic BCC to receive copy of their Salesforce email in their own inboxes.


9. Filter Your Activity Timeline by Activity Type

The activity timeline shows all the activities on an opportunity, a lead, an account, or a contact. Spring 16 allows users to filter by activity type: calls, tasks, meetings, or emails.


10. Create Meeting with One Click, Track Opps in Calendar View

Users can create an event by clicking on the calendar. Additionally, in Beta, sales reps  can track their opportunities by close date right in their calendar.


11. Overdue Tasks Not Longer In the Way

Overdue tasks are moved out of the user’s way so the no longer create noise to more important tasks. To see all overdue tasks, select All Overdue from the task list menu.

12. Create Notes from Any Page, Add Images, Restore Previous Versions

Create Note is accessible from global actions. Additionally, users can also view or restore previous versions of a note, and include images in their notes.


13. Access Unresolved Items

Users can access Unresolved Items by clicking their avatar, Settings | Email | Unresolved Items.

14. Sort Your Search Result Items

Search results pages If available, search results pages now include a sort drop-down. In addition, users can click the column headers to sort results. Users find sorting helpful when faced with too many search results, even within a specific object type.


15. Customize the Navigation Menu

In Winter 16, all users are presented with the same navigation items. With Spring 16, you can now customize the menu items for various users, including visual force tabs, with a couple of clicks. Go to Navigation Menu under Setup. Click on New.


Drag and drop the menu items


Select the profile(s) the navigation menu pertains to:


After one is created, you can edit, clone or delete it.


16. Formula Fields with Hyperlinks and Images Now Supported in Lightning Experience

17. Import Data From Account, Contact, Leads, Person Accounts and Custom Object Home Pages

Users can import data via the Data Import Wizard from these object home pages: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Custom Objects and Person Accounts


18. Create and Track Marketing Campaigns is in Beta

A. Import leads and contacts in CSV files as campaign members

B. Easily update status details using the import wizard. A graphical donut, gives your marketing and sales teammates a visual sense of response rates for their campaigns.


C. View a lead’s, contacts or person account’s past and present campaign participation via Campaign History.


19. Opportunity Board Now Called Opportunity Kanban; Ability to Create Opportunity Teams

Opportunity Board has been renamed to Opportunity Kanban. Users can now add opportunity team members on the opportunity record.


20. Reports & Dashboards Now Up to Par with Classic

Improvements have been made to reports and dashboards in Lightning to bring it in alignment with the capabilities available in Salesforce Classic

    • Show and hide details when running matrix reports
    • Dashboard filters are now available while viewing dashboards
    • View dynamic dashboards as other users
    • View tables on dashboards. Previously, tables displayed as bar charts.
    • More options on charts:
      • Funnel Charts Available on Reports
      • Add Reference Lines to Report Charts
      • Change the Color of Your Report Charts

21. Enhancements of the Reports/Dashboards User Interface

The following enhancements have been made to the UI:

    • Recent Reports and Recent Dashboards are now Recent
    • Reports I Created and Dashboards I Created are now Created by Me
    • Dashboard filters: Created by Me, Shared with Me
    • Reports and dashboards show a Description field. As a result of this new field, the Created By field has been removed.
    • Users can run, edit and delete a report or dashboard from an action dropdown.


22. Chatter: Add Group Banners, Customers to Groups, Refresh Poll Results w/o Reloading Page

A. Now you can have show a company branded logo or fun with group banners. Previously, groups in Lightning had distinct, non-customizable banner images for public, private, and unlisted groups.


B. Previously only available in Salesforce Classic, you can now create groups that allow customers and add customers to those groups.


C. See poll results or your coworkers’ comments on your Chatter post faster than before. Users can now refresh a Chatter feed without refreshing the entire page.


23. Share Files with People & Groups, Co

Share a file directly with people and groups while managing the access to the file in one place. Control whether others can share and unshare a file.

Click on the ShareFileIcon.JPG icon on the file preview screen.


Select the people who can access the file and their rights. Additionally, you can prevent users from sharing/unsharing the file.


24. Use Files Connect External Sources to Access Google Drive, Box and Sharepoint

Now Lightning Experience users can browse Files Connect external sources such as Google Drive, Box, and SharePoint to attach a file to a feed post.

25. Preview Files from Google Drive

If you’ve set up Google Drive as one of your File Connect external sources, you can now view Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in the file preview player in Lightning Experience.

26. Community Users Can Attach/View Multi-File Files

Community users can now attach multiple files to a Chatter post. Multiple thumbnails and previews are displayed.

27. Person Accounts is now in Beta

Since Person Accounts is in Beta, you should be aware that there are some known limitations.

28. Assets are now available